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Simply Being E-Book by Donna Martin and Marlena Field

Simply Being E-Book by Donna Martin and Marlena Field


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Simply being yourself, offering your personhood and presence, is the biggest gift that you bring to your relationships — both in your work and in your personal life.

Being totally present with and for someone creates the space for healing. It provides the context in which relating can be more authentic, open-hearted, and meaningful. Simply being available for this moment — whatever it is — allows something real to rise to the surface and begin to unfold. The nonessential begins to fall away, and what emerges is a kind of clarity and intimacy that reminds us about what is really important.

When we are capable of simply being, then doing happens in a more meaningful way. Our personhood — who we are when we are simply being, when offered in relationship, allows whatever we are doing to become more congruent, more powerfully appropriate for the other.

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