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Full Set of Creative Wellness Guided Meditations MP3's

Full Set of Creative Wellness Guided Meditations MP3's


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Full Set of Creative Wellness Guided Meditations MP3's

Guided meditation provides a fast, simple and effective way of uniting with your inner source of wisdom and well-being.

Powerful visualization, progressive relaxation and reflection techniques help you achieve increased feelings of calm, peace, balance and profound relaxation. Discover places of ease, flow and greater self-awareness—know that your mind and body are wise and capable of getting exactly what you need at any given time!

These 6 Mini Retreat Meditations have been created with your highest sense of balance, well-being and fulfillment in mind. May you enjoy the many benefits of guided meditation!

Full Set of Creative Wellness Guided Meditations MP3's

Track Listing

Living Balance - 12:17
Work-life balance IS possible! Use your own reflections and metaphors as tools to support your success with a balanced way of living, working and being.

Spirited Self-Care - 13:45
Experience a sense of renewal for self-care and self-nurturing. Awaken your inspiration and vitality for life and wellness!

Replenishing Roots - 9:08
Feel more grounded and connected to your inner strength.

Wise Guide - 9:47
Attain greater clarity and intuitive information when looking for direction and making important decisions in your life.

Progressive Relaxation Retreat - 9:40
Experience the benefits of total-body relaxation as you master the Passive Progressive Relaxation skills required for profound relaxation.

Celebrate YOU—Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit - 6:25
Be filled with gratitude and acknowledgement as you honour your mind, body, heart and spirit.

Who are the Creative Wellness Guided Mediations MP3's for?

Buy these MP3's for yourself, for a colleague, a client, a friend or family member, as a thank you for your staff, or as a feature item for your health and wellness event.

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